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The history behind Bankers Hill in San Diego goes back to 1890’s. This area acquired the name “Bankers Hill” due to its reputation as a home for the affluent. It was first developed in the late Victorian period and later grew in the 20th century. This historic neighborhood was occupied by community leaders and some of the first families in San Diego. In 1899, the first cable-car line went into operation. It remained a very small town for several decades. Because of the influx of wealth, talented builders like Frank Mead, Irving Gill, William Templeton Johnson and the Quayle Brothers emerged. In 1905, Quince Street footbridge was built and penetrated the Banker’s Hill neighborhood.


Emergence of towns

In 1908, Irving Gill and William Hebbard formed a partnership to build the Irving Gill’s Bishop’s Day School; the current Self-Realization Fellowship. They also built some residential houses. In 1912, a suspension footbridge was built. This made the neighborhood walkable and suitable for public transportation. After the partnership had ended, Hebbard built and designed the current Edwardian house on his own. In 1927, the Palladian-style mansion at the southeast corner of Curlew and Thorn was built. It was designed to blend harmoniously with the natural landscape. During the same period, Queen Anne Victorian house was built at the west end of Walnut Avenue.


Post war-period

After World War II, the banker’s hill grew rapidly. New construction projects started to emerge. The economy started to grow due to tourism and international trade. However, in mid-1950’s, the tourism industry suffered due to rising costs and foreign competition. After the Europeans had settled in, the economy started to grow again. The population grew by 40%, and giant factories started to emerge.

The history of Bankers Hill in San Diego cannot go unnoticed. Today, there is a boom in construction of skyscrapers and condos. Many houses built in the 19th century have been turned to bed-and-breakfast inns and offices. The further west location allows an elevated, panoramic view of downtown. Bankers Hill is a monument to the elegance of the past.

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