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To get an idea of the City Height’s community, look no further than its roots. The area was originally a series of subdivisions which formed into the city of East San Diego in 1912. During this time, there were strict rules established which prohibited alcohol, gambling, and even dance halls.

Because of its high cost of living, this area disincorporated in1923 and joined the county’s largest city. In 1980, East San Diego officially became City Heights and was actually made up of 16 different neighborhoods. Today, the area is densely populated and has become a welcome first stop for refugees which hail from Latin America, Africa, and even the Middle East.


Sights and Sounds

The city’s rich history has provided it with some memorable sites and landmarks, especially those from the Art Deco period. The Euclid Tower was originally built to be part of a soda fountain and had decayed over time until it was rebuilt in 2009. The Silverado Ballroom is also a historic location which was restored in 2016 and is now open to the public. Come here to see the newest generation of dancers and other notable events.

If you’re looking for world-famous cuisine, then look no further than City Heights. You can enjoy a culinary trip around the world with everything from Mexican street tacos to Ethiopian tibs. The El Cajon Boulevard is a great place to experience Vietnamese food and culture and is popular with both locals and visitors.


Final Thoughts

When visiting here, people note the huge variety of outlets, restaurants, and small businesses. The people here are a great example of self-employment, and this is a fun place to shop and eat even if you don’t live here. You can enjoy a trip here walking most of the time as this is a pedestrian friendly area as well.

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