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The History Behind the Coronado Island in San Diego, California

Coronado is an island located in the coastal areas of San Diego. It was first noticed or sighted by the Vizcaino, the Spanish navigator on November 8th, 1608. He named the island as Los Cornados, which means the crowned ones. This name was kept after the saints who were martyred. They belonged to the ancient Rome. That was the first time when the island got a name.

Coronado remained a peninsula which was barren was many years until one day when Elisha Babcock came for hunting rabbits in this region along with Jacob Gruendike and Hampton Story.

They had come rowing towards this area only in search of rabbits because rabbits were the only population in Coronado at that time. Impressed by the beauty of the place, they thought it would be such a perfect place to set up a resort.

They believed in the fact that East side people would love to come at this place due to the climate which was so moderate. Elisha Babcock along with Jacob Gruendike and Hampton Story then purchased the land. The Beach company of Coronado was then formed in 1886. In the year 1888, the most beautiful resort named the Hotel Del Coronado was established.

It was very shortly sold to John Spreckels, who was called the ‘King of Sugar.’ Many celebrities visited the Hotel, including actors, sportsmen, and Presidents as well.

Benjamin Harrison was the first president to visit the Hotel Del Coronado, after which several other presidents too came to this Hotel. This Hotel is still the most designated place of National heritage in the history of Coronado.

Another important part in the history of Coronado island is:

Military and aviation. In the year 1911, an aviation camp was setup by Glenn Curtis, which is now called as the Naval Air Station of North Island.

During the World War 1, the family of Spreckels had sold it to the Navy for an amount of $5 million.

Later in 1927, Col. Charles Lindbergh was the one to take off from North Island to the New York City, Paris, and St. Louis. North Island that is the Coronado Island still is the homeport to two carriers of aircraft. Because of this, the place is the top employer in the military community.

Coronado’s history includes several other events like:

The opening of San Diego to Coronado Bay Bridge on 2nd of August in the year 1969.

Later in 1971, the first Cornado Shade Towers was completed. This one was the first of all the 10 Towers which were planned.

Coronado’s history is still maintained and going on with now around 85 significant historical places in the Coronado Island. It’s a wonderful place to visit, and the Coronado Island is now popularly just called the Coronado, and surely it will make some new history again.

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