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The Golden Hill community is situated south of the vast Balboa Park. It is a vibrant, diverse neighborhood that provides incredible views of the stunning Pacific Ocean sunsets.



The work on the land started in 1869 when it was divided into big lots each having a view of the ocean and bay. Soon after, it becomes San Diego’s neighborhood of choice as well as home to city’s shakers and movers. In the 1950s, the zoning laws changes made the area to decline.


The name – Golden Hill

The community was referred to as Indian Hill at the beginning when the Native Americans lived there. With time, the Native Americans were displaced by developments. In 1887, Daniel Schuyler, a developer at the time, petitioned for the city to be renamed Golden Hill which was a name from his Poem.


Nightlife, Restaurants, and Hiking

At Golden Hill, you can experience fine hiking trails in the Balboa Park or through canyons that surround the park. After you are through with hiking, you can visit one of the popular eateries in town, for example, Pizzeria Luigi and Influx Cafe. Better still, enjoy nightlife while there and you won’t regret it.


Artist’s Paradise

Golden Hill is home to two popular record companies, The Habitat Recording Studios, and Black Box Recording Studios. Thus, it is a hotspot for local musicians and artists. Not long ago, San Diego Reader, a weekly publication focused on happenings of theater scene, dining, music, and art in San Diego made Golden Hill its home.



Lastly, Golden Hill is a great community with almost everything anyone would wish for in a neighborhood including breweries, zoo, hiking trails, museums and top-notch restaurants. The architectural designs in this great neighborhood range from farmhouses to pre-1900s designs. Although there is a wide variety of buildings in the area, it can be hard to get accommodations with modern, attractive conveniences without digging deep in your pockets.

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