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Ocean beach, also known as O.B is a beachfront neighboring San Diego, California. The beach lies at the estuary of river San Diego on the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the favorite spots for the locals of San Diego as seen in the numbers and amount of time spent here. The beach offers though, on a medium scale, all that one can anticipate for in a beach town. Ranging from surfing, hanging out in vintage VW vans, sunbathing and just surfing through the antique shops and taco stands, one will not lack something to do at the ocean beach, weather a local or foreigner.

The two most interesting places to go are the pier and Dog beach. The pier at the Newport avenue extends up to half a mile into the sea and is one of the rare places where you can fish without necessarily needing to have a California fishing license. The dog beach is also a place to visit that you can and let your pet off the leash to allow it enjoy the beach.

The ocean beach has swimming lifeguards, surfing area, and showers, restrooms as well as patrons to assist the disabled. The beach has a parking lot at Voltaire Street. There is also another parking lot adjacent to the dog beach and the north of the beach. Other parking lots are located at Santa Monica Avenue close to the main lifeguard station with the largest parking lot being adjacent to beach pier on Newport Avenue. With such a rich diversity in places of comfort, the beach has become a popular destination for sun bathing, surfing, and swimming. Other activities include shopping and nightlife on Voltaire Street and Newport Avenue.

Some of the most enjoyed things on at O.B include the burgers, free fishing, plenty of shopping and dining places and watching the waves break.

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