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The History of Point Loma, San Diego California


For those of you who love traveling, it is always important to have some awareness about your destination before paying that place a visit. This makes your tour more interesting since you already know what to expect as well as the dos and don’ts during the actual visit. So let us familiarize ourselves with the history behind Point Loma, CA.

Point Loma is a community found in San Diego city in the state of California. It is a hilly peninsula near the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego River. This is where it derives the term “Point Loma” which describes the peninsula and its neighborhood. Though, it was originally known as La Punta de la Loma de San Diego, meaning the Hill Point of San Diego. Historically, Point Loma is known as the landing place for the first European voyage to California. It has even been termed as �where California began’.

Due to the lack of fresh water, there were no permanent native settlements in Point Loma until Europeans later discovered the community in 1542. They were specifically attracted by the San Diego Bay which they saw it as an enclosed port. It is believed that this was the first point where the European landed along the shore of what is now known as California. This makes Point Loma to be seen as the origin of the entire state.

Another interesting thing about Point Loma is that since 1852, the southern part of the peninsula was reserved for military operations. This is how San Diego acquired its longtime association with the United States military. Point Loma is also where Charles Lindbergh tested and flew his airplane for the first time. Furthermore, the peninsula was a famous gliding site as a result of the prevailing sea breezes.

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