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If you own a bail bond company in the United States, you understand that competition is fierce within the industry. Using digital marketing to connect with clients is an emerging technique for many bail bondsmen. Unfortunately, Google is making it harder for bail bond companies to connect with customers online.


it’s now harder than ever to advertise your services online. In mid-2018, Google made the unprecedented move to ban all bail bond advertising from its platform. For bail bond companies heavily invested in online marketing, this news was a vital blow.


Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’re completely banned from Google’s platform. In order to interact with Google’s users, you’ll now need to use more organic techniques to get their attention. Search engine optimization allows you to improve your page ranking, so you appear closer to the top of search results.


This means that next time a bail bond customer goes searching for a company, good SEO strategy can ensure you’re one of the first providers they come into contact with online.

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If you’ve been investing in the online bail bond marketing industry, Google’s new developments are a bit of a kick in the teeth. Don’t worry – We’ve mastered the art of bail bond seo.


If you run a local bail bond company, there’s no point targeting customers on the other side of the country. We can help you customize your SEO to your specific location, which will allow you to target customers in your region. Stop wasting time advertising to people who will never use your services.


Likewise, if you operate a national bail bond company with several local offices, you’ll need to ensure your SEO targets all your key locations. We can customize your online presence to ensure it provides exposure for all your regional branches.

Why Us?

At Launch Source, we help you improve your current page ranking – it’s one of the best ways to engage with customers online. As your page rank improves, you’ll find your business will begin receiving many more credible leads through the internet.

Our bail bond SEO services start by assessing your current capabilities. We take a look at your online presence and develop a comprehensive strategy to improve your SEO. We’re experts in the bail bond search engine optimization niche and know exactly what it takes to bring your business’s online presence to the next level.

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