Project Details

Local Map and Organic SEO

Maggio Capital Inc. is a San Diego, CA-based Hard Money lender who services loans throughout California.

Client: Maggio Capital Inc
Project Year: 2018

Challenge And Solutions

Maggio Capital was working with their previous SEO company for years with lackluster results. While their rankings plateaued, Maggio was stuck at the bottom of page 1 for their competitive financial keywords.

We developed a local map strategy in combination with an organic link building campaign to give Maggio the push they need to reach the top of page 1.  We’ve also expanded their reach to additional markets within California to increase revenue.


Delivering Results

Within 3 months we were able to push Maggio to the Top 3 of Google’s 1st page for their most profitable keywords. In addition, their local map ranking increased from #8 to #2.

Maggio’s increase in rankings resulted in over 150% increase in local map views and over a 75% increase in their organic visits. In an industry that has changed substantially in 2018, Maggio has solidified their position at the top of Google as the go-to hard money lender.

+153% Map
+77% Organic
303% ROI

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