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If you are looking for a local marketing agency that understands your Orange County based business, then you have come to the right place. Launch Sources SEO understands the importance of properly implemented search engine optimization, and how it can help to boost the search engine rankings of your website whenever a potential client searches online.

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Understanding the Reality

Almost all owners of physical stores, who plan to increase their business by launching an online store, are afraid that they hardly stand a chance to compete against millions of other online shops and come out victorious. You may not realize how much more you can earn by tapping into the power of internet marketing. SEO gives businesses an advantage as many of your clients will discover your website thru organic rankings. Optimizing your site for local searches provides a massive boost for new online businesses.

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Our years of experience and knowledge of the latest search engine algorithms has helped us become the leading Orange County SEO agency. The rules of SEO have changed a lot over the past decade or so and will continue to do so. The spam section of search engines such as Google has implemented these changes to thwart the attempt of marketers resorting to black hat tactics. Unfortunately, most of the self-proclaimed SEO gurus have no idea about those changes.

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Understanding the Reality

This is where you can seek the help of the gurus at out Orange County SEO company. We will optimize the coding of your site, and, if necessary, include additional key phrases and keywords, which contains the name of the city in which your business is located. According to statistics, people prefer a local online store for purchasing their requirements. Search for any product or service; you will find Google returning local sites at the top of search results.

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Few people understand the concept of SEO. Have you noticed the ever growing demand for quality blog writers? These blogs are posted as guest blogs on highly popular websites of industries related to the services of products you are promoting. You can further boost the ranking of your website by posting top notch and informative articles in high ranking blog sites and including a backlink (inbound links pointing to your website) in the article.

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Optimizing Design for All Types of Display Units

Based on estimates, more than 70% of people in America nowadays use their smartphones to access the net and order products while on the move. However, this percentage is significantly less in other countries, whose citizens depend more on desktops to access the net. Keeping this in mind, you should ensure your site is mobile friendly.

This ensures that it renders properly on all types of displays. For the uninitiated, Google gives more preference to mobile friendly sites and ranks them higher in its SERP. You can seek help from the experienced professionals of Orange County SEO in this regard.

On Page SEO for your Orange County Business

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Involves optimizing

On-Page, SEO involves optimizing the code of your website to make it search engine friendly. It also means linking the other pages of your website together in a logical fashion. Search engines are then able to crawl through all the pages of your website and index them properly. You also want to be sure that all pages of your website have a prominent link pointing to its home page, as this helps visitors to return to the index page effortlessly. Remember, the home page should attract the attention of the visitor immediately as they spend no more than 10 seconds on a site unless you can captivate their attention.

Conversion Optimization

Keeping the code

Another important aspect of SEO is Keeping the code of your website regularly updated so that it adheres to the changing algorithms of the search engines. Most people only include standard keywords in the coding of their site. You should try to add related words that potential clients are likely to query. For example, if you are selling lamps and fixtures from your site, you should use keywords that provide exact details of those products. Include keywords such as LED lamps, CFL lamps, desktop lamp, and so forth.

In simple language, you have to understand the basic needs of your client and create content based on these needs.


For Example, If you sell faucets through your site, include their brand names also since many people prefer only a specific brand. Including the term `tap’ is an excellent idea, especially if you want your website to rank for other highly searched and related keywords. It is important to incorporate LSI keywords throughout your content, which are synonyms of the main keywords.

One thing to be careful of is never to include too many graphics on the main page (the page the client views first when he clicks on your URL). It increases the time taken for the site to load and render on the browser of the client. Avoid flashy, and animated gif images for the same reason.

An appealing headline plays a massive role in grabbing the attention of visitors to your website. Always try to include links on both the top and bottom of each page and highlight the links pointing to related pages so that clients can return to that page from any other page of your site effortlessly.


Content Is King

Content is king and will remain to be so. Google loves websites regularly updated with fresh content and relevant to the services and products you are promoting. Fresh content is important, but Remember, Google loves properly written and informative text. Your website content should serve a purpose for your visitors.

Our Orange County SEO Firm has helped companies throughout the nation increase their online exposure, drive more visitors to their websites and ultimately increase sales.

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