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Search engine optimization offers more interactivity options and possibilities than traditional marketing. For instance, gamification has become a popular way of increasing and enhancing in-app interactions. In this case, gamification refers to the use of game physics in non-game contexts. Doing so enhances in-app interactions and lowers churn rates. Besides this, an SEO expert can help you develop and implement a solid social media communication strategy, which is necessary when running digital marketing campaigns. In comparison, traditional media outlets provide minimal interactivity due to their operational and infrastructural nature..


8 Befits of Hiring our SEO firm in Sacramento, CA

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to strategies that are developed for purposes of boosting the visibility of a brand or content online. Some of the methodologies/techniques that our Sacramento SEO experts use to achieve this goal include social media marketing, link building, guest blogging, site speed optimization, and publishing mobile-friendly content. Since these approaches require specialized knowledge, it is best to hire a competent SEO company like Launch Source to take care of your internet marketing needs.

Digital Marketing Is the Future

According to figures published by eMarketer, internet marketing will surpass TV ad expenditure for the first time in 2017. By the end of the year, digital marketing and ad spending will hit $77.37 billion or 38.4% of total ad spend while TV ad spends will reach $72.01 billion, which translates to 35.8% of total ad spend. By 2020, internet marketing and SEO spending will account for 44.9% of total ad spend while TV ad spend will have dropped to 32.9% of total marketing expenditure.

This trend is expected to continue in the future due to factors such as “cord cutting,” content-streaming popularity, as well as the emergence of disruptive and more immersive technologies including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Other traditional media channels including radio, print newspapers, and magazines are also experiencing significant ad spend decline.


Brand Monitoring

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Social Media Contest

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Social Media Management

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Custom Profile Design

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Return on Investment of SEO

In the last decade, reaching consumers online has become substantially cheaper compared to traditional media outlets. In fact, research carried out by Morgan Stanley found that the cost of reaching 1,000 consumers via broadcast TV is $28 while reaching the same number of consumers via radio will set you back $10. The advertising cost per thousand (CPM) on a print magazine or newspaper is $16. Surprisingly, advertising on drive time radio is more expensive (CPM of $140) than advertising on prime time TV ($30 to reach 1,000 users). On the other hand, the cost of 1,000 online impressions ranges from $15 to $30, which is considerably lower than all the CPM figures listed above. Most startups led by tech-savvy entrepreneurs and decision makers have leveraged this advantage to improve brand reach and grow revenues.

Reach a Larger Audience

According to, 3.4 billion people globally have Internet access. Businesses can reach this audience via social networking sites, email platforms, and video hosting sites. This has made it easy for startups and small businesses to reach billions of consumers without traveling all over the world, drastically reducing their expenses. Nevertheless, most businesses struggle to identify the right consumer demographics and reach them with a relevant message or content. Luckily, a specialist in Sacramento search engine optimization can help you develop different types of quality, useful, and audience-appealing content (video, text, image, and audio).


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Precise Data Analytics

Due to the nature of the Internet infrastructure, most SEO strategies and outcomes are measured with a high degree of accuracy. For example, SEO experts use A/B testing to evaluate how consumers respond to new site features/elements. In fact, experienced search engine optimization professionals rely on data-driven decision-making meaning businesses can determine the effectiveness of our Sacramento SEO and digital ad expenditure more accurately. It is worth noting that the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud computing platforms have made it easy for businesses to collect huge amounts of data that they can use to improve decision-making processes. Traditional media channels cannot offer the same level of data collection and measurability.


Real-Time Campaign Monitoring

A major benefit of using SEO services is real-time campaign monitoring. This enables brands and decision makers to tweak marketing campaigns on the fly in response to consumer conversations. Entrepreneurs can also combine real-time event monitoring and data analytics to identify new business opportunities and address grumblings among consumers before they turn into public relations disasters. Thanks to cloud-based data analytics tools, businesses that cannot afford to hire in-house data scientists can still compete with financially capable companies. Nevertheless, it is important to note our Sacramento SEO firm offers data analytics information and services.


Content/Brand Personalization

Search engine optimization makes it easy to personalize web content as well as service/product offerings to suit the needs of each consumer or consumer demographic. Businesses that adopt personalization will experience an uptick in profitability. Moreover, research carried out by Accenture found that 75% of consumers are likely to make purchases from businesses that can recommend products/services based on past purchasing history or recognize them by name. To enjoy these benefits, consider hiring a Sacramento SEO company that is well versed in personalization.


Content Development

Our Sacramento SEO agency also offers specialized content development and publishing services. This is important because savvy consumers will not stick around if your brand does not offer useful and quality content. Currently, video is one of the most popular forms of web content on the web. Publishing image-based content such as infographics can also boost your brand’s online visibility substantially. Ask us about how we can help with your content development needs to expand your company’s reach.


Search engine optimization has become a key part of modern business operations because it is affordable compared to traditional media alternatives. Some of the other benefits of SEO include precise data analytics, real-time campaign monitoring, unparalleled interactivity, reaching a larger audience, content/brand personalization, as well as easily accessing diverse content development services. More importantly, businesses are increasingly allocating more financial resources to digital marketing, and this trend is unlikely to change soon.

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